About Us

Our objectives are to promote and foster the game of Veterans, Vintage, and Golden Oldies Rugby both home and abroad.

We stand behind our pillars of fun, friendship and fraternity, as they form the backbone of our forty year history. We invite you to join us and help keep the spirit of the mighty red, black and golds alight.

2021 Committee

Richard Wilson – Club President

John Garde – Club Vice President

Richard Gray  – Club Secretary

Paul Emmerson – Club Treasurer

Arthur Eustace-Earle – Committee Member

Dan O’Donnell – Committee Member and 2021 Club Captain

Len Battley – Committee Member

Kevin Brill – Committee Member


We generally organise Veterans Rugby games against teams from Brisbane and around South East Queensland, but occasionally we’ll travel south into Northern NSW, out to the Western Downs or north to Bundaberg just to get a game and catch up with mates.

We generally play our home games on Saturday afternoons, and our away games are usually on a Friday night. We also host games with overseas teams when we can.

Every couple of years, we may take part in international competitions that take place in locales such as Argentina, USA and New Zealand. You never know where your next rugby adventure may take you!

Fun, Friendship and Fraternity100%